Only for residents of m²

Everything concerning your house, now in your mobile phone!

With our new mobile application, we will keep you updated about the neighborhood news. You will receive the complex manager's support via online chat and will be able to control the deadlines for fulfilling your requests.

It will be easier to call a cleaner or a repairer. Besides, the mobile application will allow you control the installment plan schedule and pay the complex service fee.

If you have recently bought an apartment in the ongoing construction of m² the mobile application will allow you track the process directly from you mobile phone.

The app is available on the following platforms:

Find the App by QR code


Who can use the app?

The mobile app is designed only for m2 residents.

How can I download the mobile app?

iOS and Android system users can download the app by using a QR code or by clicking the link above. The app can also be downloaded from the App Store / Play Store by typing ‘m2 home’ into the search field.

How do I register?

Please contact the manager of your complex for registration.

How shall I get information on current payments?

On the main page you will see summarized information about the next payment and the cost of the complex service. If you have apartments in several complexes of m2, click on the button „view” to see the current service fees according to the complexes.

How do I make a payment? - Soon!

Select the payments and the desired complex in the main menu. Push the button “pay”, fill in the card data, the desired amount and make the transaction.

How do I found out news about the activities at the complex?

The neighborhood news according to the complexes is on the home page. If you have apartments in several complexes, you will be able to get familiar with the relevant news.

How shall I take part in the poll?

The issues concerning the neighborhood are often decided by the majority of the residents. In case of the poll, the questionnaire will appear on the main page, select the desired answer, press the button to vote and see the results automatically.

What is displayed in the messages?

The status of the issues raised by you, information about the requested service, messages from the manager of the complex.

What does the complex charter mean?

The rules established by the Association of Owners of Residential and Non-Residential (Commercial) Areas in a Multi-Housing Residential Complex, which is mandatory for all members of "Association of Owners of Apartments", for their family members and for the individuals who use the area.

What can I manage in the settings block?

You can choose the language, change the password and the notifications regime.

How shall I create a request?

If you want to correct something in the complex, in order to create a request click on the + button, select Complex, building, apartment, title and describe the request, attach a photo (optionally) and press the Send button. The complex manager will instantly receive your message and provide you with the appropriate response status.

How do I check the status of my request?

The request completion process will be displayed in the ‘current requests’ section, where the manager of the complex will indicate the status of the request and the estimated date of completion. You will also receive a push notification.

What information is available about my apartment/apartments?
  • Apartment drawing
  • Apartment area: residential, balcony, total area
  • Contact information of the complex manager
  • CRM contact information
  • Apartment documents: contracts, agreements
  • Construction process reports
What services can I obtain through the app?

You can call a technician or a cleaner, lease your apartment and obtain apartment maintenance service through the app.

How do I call a technician / cleaner? - Soon!


In order to create a request press the + button, select Complex, building, apartment, service, date and time. Click on the (i) button in the upper right corner of the information box to view the cost ​​and the description of the services. Click the button “Order” to confirm the order. Check the order, fill in the card data and click “Pay”.

How do I find out the price of services?

You can find out the cost of each service by clicking the (i) button in the upper right corner of the respective service information field.

For what purpose shall I use the chat?

If you want to get support or advice from a complex manager on any issue related to your complex, the fastest way to do so is to send a message to the complex manager.

m² Club

You will receive full information about the list of partner firms and individuals that are part of the m2 Club, where you will receive exclusive discounts by presenting your membership card.